Parents and guardians,

With great appreciation, we thank you for your valued interest and support of San Secondo’s Catechetical Ministry. Please read this letter in its entirety as it pertains to the future of your child’s faith formation with us—we hope it acts an an informative guide in your decision making.

It is with no surprise that this year has brought on challenging times for everyone, and we are in no doubt living in a time of transformation in our physical and spiritual lives.

We cannot operate as we always have in the past due to state and Diocesean regulations. Nonetheless, we are confident in our God-given abilities to continue providing a genuine catechetical experience of faith formation for our families.
Parents, you will be playing a vital role in making this year a successful year for your child whether they be preparing for their first holy communion or preparing for confirmation.

With this said, this year we will be having two options for your child’s faith formation:

Option 1 / Traditional Home School – This option allows you the parent to be your child’s catechist. We will provide you with the books and a week by week schedule to follow. We will virtually meet with your child (dates to be determined) to ensure your child is learning church doctrine and prayers needed in preparation for the sacrament he/she will be receiving

Option 2 / Virtual Classroom – This option is very similar to what your child is already receiving in the secular school system or what they call “distant learning”. Your child will meet weekly in a virtual classroom lead by one of our catechetical leaders.

Parents, when filling out the registration form please indicate on the registration form the curriculum you would like your child to participate in.

Regardless of what option you decide your child will be tested periodically to ensure they are on track in learning their prayers in preparation for first communion and/or confirmation.

If you're choosing Traditional Home Schooling, a date will be determined in order for you to pick up your child’s books and course schedule. There will be some information pertaining to your child’s formation that will be emailed to you.

If you're choosing the Virtual Classroom you will receive ahead of time books, (date for drive-thru pick up of books has yet to be determined) curriculum, Catechist name and time you will be meeting. There will be some information pertaining to your child’s formation that will be emailed to you. For those choosing this option we hope to start classes the weekend of October 10th and 11th .

Fees: for both options will be $25.00 first child, $10.00 each additional child.

You as the parent are responsible for ensuring the Office of Catechetical Ministry receives you registration form and the following documents via email and or text.


If your child is receiving First Holy Communion we will need a copy of their Baptismal Certificate.

For Confirmation a copy of the child's Baptismal and First Holy Communion Certificates are needed.

Sponsors for Confirmation must also submit copies of their certificates.

This virtual formation is something new for both of us, I ask for your prayers , patience and understanding as we rise to the opportunity God has put in front of us.

This is also an exciting opportunity for us parents to get a refresher and to regrow in our Catholic faith.

We look forward to working with you the parent in the formation of your child.
If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

Yours in Christ,
Alma Zendejas

CCD Voicemail: (909) 489 – 0679



1st Communion Registration Form

Registration for the 2020 - 2021 year will be held in September 2020.

Mass Attendance Form

Attendance to Holy Mass on Sundays (or Saturday Vigil) and on Holy Days of Obligation are part of the San Secondo d'Asti catechetical program. It is essential and required that you and your child attend Holy Mass according to the Commandments of the Church. Attending your religious education class does not replace your Sunday Mass obligation.