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Getting Started...


Please email our wedding coordinator at in order to start the process.


At least one of the parties must be an active practicing Catholic. Couples should not be living together. We do not have weddings during Advent or Lent. Please check that your wedding date does not fall within either. Six wedding classes with the Pastor are required.

Modest attire is required for both the appointments with Father and the ceremony. The following are considered inappropriate: low neckline, exposed back, skirts above the knee, exposed midriff, tight fitting, sleeveless, and any material that is see through. For a guideline on appropriate attire see our Dress Code page. Father has the right to refuse to perform the ceremony if the Wedding Party fails to comply with the church's standards for modesty.

Please read the following requirement excerpts. Father will review the full list of requirements with the couple during their first appointment.


Permission & Certificates

  • Letter of Permission. Obtained from the Pastor/Church (in which boundary your house is located) grating their permission to be married in our church. Permission to be married at San Secondo d'Asti must also be given by our Administrator Fr. Stanley Onwuegbule. 

  • A new Baptismal Certificate from your Church of Baptism. The new Baptism Certificate must be dated within six months of the wedding and have the notations on the back stating when and where you received your 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation.

  • 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation Certificates. May be copies of the originals.


Please check if any of the following are applicable:

  • Death Certificate of Former Spouse. May be a copy of the original.

  • Declaration of Nullity. Only required if the groom or bride has been previously married in the Catholic Church. All previous marriages must be declared annulled by the Catholic Church. The annulment process can take a year or more to process.

  • Lack/Defect Form Case Petition. Only required if either the groom or the bride have been previously civilly married (married outside of the Catholic Church). A copy of the Lack/Defect Form Case Petition will need to be submitted. The petition can take two months to process.

Marriage Preparation


Classes & Appointments

  • Six marriage preparation classes with Father Stanley will need to be scheduled once a month. The first class will be scheduled eight months before the wedding. Wedding classes can only be scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

  • Natural Family Planning -- For a class in your area please visit: or take the class online.

Additional Forms

After meeting with Fr. Stanley the following forms will need to be completed:

  • Affidavit for Freedom to Mary. Notarized by a Priest/Notary Public

  • Pre-Nuptial Examination Form

  • Dispensation for Mixed Marriage Form. Only required if the groom or bride is not Catholic.

  • Marriage License. Obtained from the County of San Bernardino or the county of your choosing. Please bring your marriage license to the Parish Office the Monday before the wedding date. Also, include the names of both witnesses (first, middle, and last name and their home address). The Marriage License must be an original. It cannot be a copy.

Requirements for the Ceremony



  • Attire for Brides and her Attendants -- No low cut, backless, sleeveless, off the shoulder or above the knee gowns. The bride must bring a picture (full length, back and front) of her and her attendants' gowns to Wedding Coordinator for approval.

  • The Groom and his Attendants must not wear earrings or have any observable body piercing.

  • Bride and Bridesmaids must be fully dressed. There are no Dressing Facilities on the Church grounds.

  • Out of respect for the Holy Eucharist guests attending the wedding will be asked to follow the Church's dress code.


  • All members of the wedding party and guests should be RESPECTFUL, keeping voices down, no gum chewing and turning off cell phones while inside the Church for the Rehearsal and the Wedding. During the Rehearsal no shorts, tank tops or any type of immodest attire.

  • Readers for the First and Second Readings must be male and Catholic.

  • Photographers and Videographers must be RESPECTFUL while taking pictures during Holy Mass, no pictures or video during the Consecration. We also ask that they do not go past the Altar rail and keep movement to a bare minimum.

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